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Added value to your products is part of service’s

Just read QR-code and you can send message straight to the owner of item

Welcome to is value added service to end customers. People lose a lot of stuff every day and finders of the goods don’t know what to do!

The owner of item is quite impossible to find.

But no more !

Add to your products our QR-code.

Insert our QR-code straight to product in factory or you can give separate QR-label to customer at the time of purchase.

It’s really easy to use

  1. The owner of item reads QR code and gives email address and phone number to our service. Phone number only if customer wants sms-message alerts. That’s all !
  2. The finder of the item reads QR code and tell what&where was found and gives contact information.
  3. When item has been found, owner get email and sms-message via our service.

Anonymous for the owner.

No fees to owner or finder of the item

Stand out in the market !

Take care of your customers

Contact us

Jukka Hyvönen

commercial director

+358 45 7831 7820

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